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Save thousands when you sell!

Get a cash rebate when you buy!

How we help you?

Let's say you work with one of our agents and they sell your home and cut commission by $5k. Then you buy a home from our hidden gems list. You buy the home for $40k below appraisal. Because you used one of our licensed agents to purchase the home you get a cash rebate of $5k. In total you saved $50k by using our discount real estate service. It's simple. We save you money!

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How it works

Selling a property normally involves two agents. The sellers (listing) agent and buyers agent. Both agents usually charge a commission of 3% each. That's a total of 6% commision charged on a property sale. On a $600,000 property sale that's $36,000. (6% x $600,000)

You don't have to pay that! There is no law that states it has to be 6%. The commission is completely negotiable. We have done the negotiating for you to get the lowest commission possible. Our full service agents cut their commission, so you can benefit from the savings. For example, a discounted 5% commission on a $600,000 property sale is $30,000. (5% x $600,000)

That's a savings of $6,000! ($36,000-$30,000)

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There’s good news for you as a home buyer. Qualified buyers can get rebates at closing. Buyers rebate requires a minimum purchase price of $200,000 to get a $1,500 rebate. Homes over $500,000 are eligible for up to a 1% rebate. Our partner agents can explain in more detail so get started!

Also, allowing one of our licensed real estate agents to help you buy a home is FREE! Who pays the commission you ask? Great question. The individual selling the property does. Both the agent representing the seller and the agent representing you, the buyer, will be paid out of the seller’s proceeds at closing. Although you pay the seller for the house, you don’t need to add anything in for the agents’ pay. The seller is responsible for seeing that the agents involved receive their payment, which is commonly set as a commission; that is, a percentage of the selling price that we have negotiated for you at a discount.

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We have a list of discounted properties on our website called Hidden Gems. Our Hidden Gems are properties that you can purchase for less than market value. Buying these properties helps because you get the property for less that it's worth. You also build equity faster.

Equity is the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and what your home is currently worth. If you owe $300,000 on your mortgage loan and your home is worth $350,000, you have $50,000 of equity in your home.

Having equity is important because when you sell the home for what it's worth the equity becomes your profit. That's why our listed properties are called Hidden Gems. Hard to find properties for sell at a discount.

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Training and Programs

Marriage and Finances: Home Buying & Selling

Training offered monthly where we discuss how to manage your finances and the journey in buying or selling a home. This training is broken out into 5 steps. Each of these steps building on the next in order to buy or sell a home.
   • Building Communication
   • Affirming Relationship Roles
   • Managing Conflict Resolution
   • Establish your Finances
   • Home Buying & Selling

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Texas Home Loan Program

The Texas Home Loan Program is available for Texas home buyers with low and moderate incomes.
   • 30-year fixed rate mortgage loan.
   • Mortgage Credit Certificate Program.
   • Down payment assistance up to 5%.

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Why work with Us?

Our partner agents have agreed to offer our customers a commission discount when selling their home. Each percentage point you save can add up to thousands. If you are buying a property you pay nothing and may even qualify to get a rebate upon closing. *

Save thousands

Get discounted realtor commission or lender fees when buying or selling a home.

Find the best

Our partner realtors and lenders have proven track records and offer discounted commissions and fees.

Sell your home faster

Our clients get offers 3x faster because our licensed partners are experts in your area or neighborhood.

Better communication

Our customers are part of a relationship management system that boosts communication and efficiency.

Intelligent Data

We utlitize digital technologies to convert data into rich meaningful information that can be used for your needs.

Large Network

We are not only backed by a network of licensed realtors and lenders, but also contractors to make your life easier.

* Buyers rebate requires a minimum purchase price of $200,000. Homes over $500,000 are eligible for up to a 1% rebate.