Hidden Gems?

What are Hidden Gems?

Hidden Gems are properties for sell at a discount.

Our list of properties are all for sale at a discount. You can search and sort through our list of properties. Our list is updated regularly.

How worth is determined.

Each property's value is assessed every year by county appraisal. The value is determined on a certain date. In many jurisdictions, that assessed value is decided annually, or on another schedule. Assessed property value is basically what the county thinks its worth.

"Worth" is the properties assesed value.

What does this mean for you?

Let's say you see a property for sale on our Hidden Gems list that is discounted for less than it is worth. The property is worth $350,000 and discounted around 14%. You end up buying the property for $300,000. You now have $50,000 of equity. When you purchase a house for less than what it is worth you have equity. Equity is the difference between what you paid for a home and what it is worth.

Having equity is important because when you sell the home for what it's worth any equity becomes your profit. That's why our discounted properties are called Hidden Gems. Hard to find properties for sell at a discount. Of course, these values are subject to change as market conditions change.

So, don't wait. Our hidden gems are selling every week. Start browsing our hidden gems and get connected to one of our licensed agents. They can give you additional detail on a property.

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